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Back to Blackout – Is It Curtains for the Sun?

With the early-rising sun cascading through our windows and brightening our mornings, getting out of bed and tackling the day head-on is a lot easier for many of us at this time of year. It can also present a few problems though. For when getting up with the sun is not on the agenda, it could be time to install blackout blinds or curtains. However your home is designed and furnished, there will be a blackout furnishing to suit. From bright and bold coloured blinds for contemporary rooms to more... Read More

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Blind Types Explained

There is a huge range of blinds available, covering a variety of different designs and functions. It can sometimes be hard to decide which type of blind would be best for you when you’re faced with so many different options. At C&H we aim to take the pressure of you and work alongside your needs and desires to help you find the perfect blind. I have put together a short guide to the most popular types to help you get started! Roller Blinds Roller blinds are the most common type... Read More

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Pinterest Picks….Sewing Space

If you do a lot of sewing you are sure to have a home full of fabric, reels of thread and ribbon, pins, scissors and more! So how do you store it all – and where do you sew? I have limited space, but do very well with a desk, large toolbox and storage boxes; others have got an entire room to utilise and make in to their own sewing haven. Your sewing space is unique and this has inspired our latest Pinterest board – it’s fascinating to see how people... Read More

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10 Minute Make….Ribbon Bookmarks

I’m a big reader but do have a tendency to either fold the corner of a page to mark my place or use whatever scrap piece of paper is hanging around in the cavernous depths of my bag! I thought a hand made bookmark would be a good idea and this method has the benefit of being a quick and easy tutorial as well looking lovely! You will need: Two pieces of wide ribbon (at least 50mm width and not satin or organza) Two pieces of iron on interfacing (same... Read More


The Art of Stitchscaping

This week we interviewed Beth, Tunbridge Wells store, who explains ‘Stitchscaping’ and how she came across this beautiful craft. What is ‘Stitchscaping’? The act of capturing a moment, a view or an idea in a fabric photograph; suggesting parts of that image with colour, fabric and embroidery and creating an overall ‘scape’ through stitch. How did you start? I’ve always loved sewing and playing with fabrics (I’m a terrible hoarder of materials- the attic is groaning with boxes!) and when that passion took me to De Montfort University to do... Read More


Needle Felting – A Beginner’s Introduction.

I’d like to introduce you to needle felting, one of my all-time favourite hobbies. There are several different types, personally I enjoy making little 3D animals, which I will mostly focus this post on (there is some overlap in technique with 2D felting too, although I haven’t had a chance to try that out yet). I discovered needle felting 3 years ago from a kit I received at Christmas. I’d never seen anything like it before, so I was sceptical at first (can this fluff really turn into a penguin!?!)... Read More


How To Make..A Fabric Pin Board

A pin board is a great way to stay organised in your home and the perfect place to store invitations, lists, reminders and more! It’s also another way to display photos (especially if, like me, you are starting to run out of space for frames)! This tutorial explains how to take an ordinary notice board and turn it in to something more pleasing to the eye! You will need: A cork notice board Fabric scissors Material (the size of the notice board plus 6cm on each side) 5 metres ribbon... Read More

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Focus On….Emma Bridgewater for Sanderson

Emma Bridgewater founded her ceramic business in 1985 after she struggled to find the perfect birthday present for her mum. She saw a gap in the market for pottery that was both beautiful and practical. Over 30 years later and the business is still run by her and her husband. The designs come directly from them, using their everyday family life as inspiration. For example, ‘Egg & Feather’ designed in 2001 is reminiscent of family holidays on the Norfolk coast, watching the nesting seabirds. All of the pottery is still... Read More


Upcycling Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are a timeless seasonal tradition and I’ve put together a few ideas for making use of them after the holidays are over. A quick and easy way to recycle old cards is to make gift tags! All you need are some scissors or pinking shears (these give a prettier finish), a hole punch and some ribbon or string! Cut tag shapes out of your Christmas cards, punch a hole near the top, loop your ribbon or string through the hole and tie a knot to secure – all... Read More


How To Make….Table Napkins!

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to think about your festive dining table! You can get lots of lovely paper napkins with beautiful seasonal designs, but I think a hand made napkin adds an extra special touch! They are quite easy to make and you will need the following (this will make four napkins, 40cm square). 90cm cotton fabric Matching thread Sewing Machine Scissors Ruler Iron Marking pencil/chalk First, cut four 42cm squares from your fabric. Take the first square and place right side down. Fold up one... Read More