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Villa Nova


'At the heart of every Villa Nova collection is a sense of style and creativity.’



Villa Nova was founded in 1993 and it is a young and vibrant brand with the philosophy of creating modern and versatile fabrics, wallcoverings and accessories that offer attainable style. 


Villa Nova is a division of The Romo Group, with a dedicated team of talented in-house designers.


Their in-house studio develops forwards thinking and inspiring designs in a trend-focused colour palette, with a sense of style and originality at the heart of every collection. The Villa Nova team constructs distinct techniques for their collections by recognising trends that shape the look and feel of every launch. Their inspiration comes from nature, art shows and emerging fashion trends. While their initial research bears the form of visual mood boards, collating colour and design inspiration to develop the first concept concepts for a collection. A design usually starts with hand-drawn sketches or hand-painted artwork that is often manipulated and edited to achieve a final design. Each design is developed further using our computer-aided design techniques. 


Colour is an important part of the Villa Nova story and the design team strives to incorporate a comprehensive range of both traditional and contemporary shades. This guarantees that the palette constantly evolves. Each season new fashion-forward shades are added to the palette so every new launch has a fresh attraction.


Some of the popular collections from Villa Nova include, Still Life which features line drawings, simple yet artistic speckles, and Broderie which is a creative play on the embroidery effect. The Picturebook collection is a wonderful range of illustration wallcoverings from quirky animals to city landscapes like the Pink City or NYC Wall Mural, these are perfect for children’s rooms. Ostara wallpaper is a beautiful collection inspired by watercolourobscured foliage and texture


You will also discover their fabulous rugs including the Yuval Zommer collection and Christopher Corr as well as many more joyful and vibrant rugs.  The Villa Nova cushions are fun and vibrant and make a great accessory for your sofa, armchairs and beds.