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Paloma Home by Paloma Faith


Paloma Faith invites you to immerse yourself in her eclectic and maximalist world that collides with the rebellious spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. As well as being high quality, playful it is also accessible. Every detail is designed to deliver a touch of escapism within the home. 

Heavily inspired by the characteristic decor in her own home, the range authentically refines Paloma’s signature sense of style. The brand has many influences that come together to create a beautiful bohemian set-up consisting of delicate chinoiserie motifs with tigers, botanicals, and oriental birds. 


Spiced Up

If you are bored of playing it safe with your decor the Spiced Up collection is perfect.

Why play things safe when you can have fun? With Paloma Home, every surface is an opportunity to add a touch of drama. Velvet tiger cushions layered against exotic botanical prints creates a striking contrast. Each piece is a feature in its own right and elevates the mundane to become something unique.


Lady Muck

The lasting appeal of 70s bohemia comes into play through unapologetically feminine accents. Detailed Chinoiserie prints with backdrops of sugared blossom and oriental jade create a sense of unrivalled luxury, while bursts of midnight blue offer a contemporary spin. Adorning cushions, bedding, wallpapers and blinds, the lure to create a boudoir-esque cocoon is hard to resist.


Rock N’Roll

Cinematic influences and the hedonism of the music scene collide to dazzling effect. More is always more, with tactile finishing hints such as braiding, piping and ruffles making for a multi-sensory adventure.

Features from romantic noirs by acclaimed director Wong Kar-Wai personify through a palette of sepia-toned red. Dark, loaded wallpapers transport you to a louche, backstage world. Leopard-print seating layered abundantly with clashing animal prints adds to the sense of decadence.