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The company was initially created by Salvador Monllor Domenech (SMD) who left the running of the business to Jason Kenworthy on his return to Spain in 1999. Jason subsequently led a management buyout with the aim of creating an internationally recognised, interior textiles business. Today the company is owned by Jason and his wife Heidi.

iLiv was then launched in 2013 and is a family-owned company. It has a very colourful heritage, almost as colourful as its home county of Lancashire. The regions where it is based are known for cotton spinning, weaving as well as printing and dyeing. The company is also just a few miles from where William Morris printed his iconic designs.

Their collections include Astoria which is a rich geometric fabric collection with metallic elements which have an art deco feel. Chalfont is a busy fabric with a vintage jacquard tapestry-like floral motif. Other popular fabrics in the rage are Cotswold, Swatchbox, Sketchbook and many more which are available at C&H.