Home Linens & Tableware

Shop our range of home linens, with something for every room! Our antimacassars and arm caps are the perfect finishing touch for your armchairs or sofa and keep them looking fresher for longer! Our coordinating kitchen ranges are designed to protect you whilst preparing food and drink and our collection of PVC tablecloth and protectors will keep your dining table looking it's best.

Keep your furniture and yourself protected with a choice of kitchen linens and tableware. Closs & Hamblin offer coordinating ranges of smart kitchen linens designed to protect you whilst preparing food and drink including tea towels, aprons, oven gloves and more. Keep your dining table looking at its best by browsing our collection of PVC tablecloth, table protector and matching placemat and coaster sets - all made to protect your furniture from spills, scratches and heat. To help keep your sofa and armchairs looking fresh, why not try chair backs (also known as antimacassars) and arm caps? One of our bestselling products, they provide a barrier against everyday wear and add a decorative touch to your furniture. We have an assortment of matching styles to choose from.