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Harlequin is part of the Sanderson Design Group. However, contrary to Sanderson that embraces a classic style of luxurious florals and captures nature at its finest, Harlequin is so much more about self-expression and innovation. 


It draws its inspiration from colour stories and bold expressive creations of patterns using luxurious production techniques. It pushes boundaries of what traditional interior styles need to be or look like and it is a great tool for creativity. It was invented as a vehicle for self-expression through creative design. 

Harlequin believes that the best interiors are created when they truly reflect who we are, unserved and unapologetically. They are experts at capturing our different needs so that we can create spaces that best suit our personalities as well as expectations. 


Their collections are unique and full of character. There are many amusing and expressive collections such as Entity, which is an artistic selection of shadowy watery silhouettes and abstract repetition. Momentum 7 is a contemporary print that mimics long exposure photography or there’s the Leonida collection which imitates antique enamel peeling tiles with metallic highlights for those fascinated by everything vintage. Even for children, Harlequin has created the Book of Little Treasures which comprises an array of prints featuring colourful characters and captivating worlds waiting to be explored. 

Whatever your style may be, minimalist, maximalist or completely your own. Harlequin have the tools to harness your creativity and channel it into your interiors. To make your home embody who you are. Browse the exquisite fabric and wallpaper collections on our website.