Full Height Shutters

Think of total privacy, a stylish new look and ultimate light control. Full height plantation shutters provide these benefits and so much more. Wrapped up in a timeless style statement, and available in a range of materials and colours, full height shutters span the whole window.

Full height plantation shutters easily let light in, or block it out based on your preference, due to their simple panel configuration, providing fantastic privacy for your home. Adding a layer to your windows, shutters are also a great form of insulation, reducing unwanted outside noise, and helping retain heat during the winter.

Key Features:

Tall and elegant panels

Add a mid-rail for increased flexibility

Optional room darkening blind for bedrooms

Flexible design

Fit inside or outside the recess

Suitable For:

Both homes & businesses

Key living spaces

Square or rectangular windows

New property developments

Shutter Materials

We only use carefully selected premium shutter materials to provide our customers with the widest range and the highest quality made-to-measure plantation shutters available in the UK.  Each material is available in various paint and stain colours, and numerous style options.

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Full Height Shutter Inspiration



Closs & Hamblin made to measure bespoke full length plantation shutters

Closs & Hamblin full height plantation shutters are our most sought after shutter style due to their aesthetic appeal, simplicity and wide range of window styles they suit. Shutter panels run the full height of the window or door. One control mechanism is fitted to each panel, or should you wish to utilise the privacy bar (mid-rail) then the panels will be split into separately operable louvre sections. A full height plantation shutters installation is generally made up of rectangular or square shutter panels that span the full height of the shutter and window frame.

Full height plantation shutters are excellent for blocking out unwanted light and outside noise because of their simple panel configuration and full-length frames. They provide outstanding privacy making them ideal for homes next to busy pavements and roads or that are overlooked by surrounding buildings or areas.