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We live our passion for high-end interior textiles.

In 1987, Richard Schutte founded his first wholesale store with the support of his wife Ellen Steentjes and launched the first collection under the brand name Chivasso in 1991. In 1996, the sub-brand CARLUCCI quickly gained national importance with its exclusive products. As part of the JAB Anstoetz fabric division, Carlucci also becomes an acknowledged player on the international market in 2000. The design studios are located at the headquarters of the JAB Anstoetz Group and also at numerous European locations. World-renowned interior designers and architects, furnishing houses and decorators stock our collections and appreciate the multi-faceted range. 

CARLUCCI signifies the passion for the extraordinary. Inspired by zeitgeist and fashion, the brand creates elegant high-end textiles, wallpapers and carpets from precious materials and in confidently glowing colours. Their collections captivate with an unmistakable mix of sophisticated sensuousness and exclusive coolness. C&H are proud to stock an array of stunning Carlucci fabrics ideal for curtains, blinds and upholstery. 

Some of the most distinctive Carlucci fabrics include Distinction and Epoque from the Treasures of Time collection. It features patinated surfaces with an oxidised effect which is complemented by dazzling materials distinguished by their alchemistic iridescence. The Italian Touch collection where the hint is in the name inspired by the country that is widely recognised as a global trendsetter and leader in many different areas of design. In this collection, you will find Valentina a deeply rich and gorgeous velvet and Foresta Botanica which is a leafy green print, surprisingly when combined these two fabrics make an impactful duo. Another stunning fabric worth recognition is Palazzo Velvet Reloaded from the Influences collection inspired by the way fashion today is inspired by the creativity of bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers that are now making their mark on streetwear and global fashion. With this in mind, Carlucci has taken an inspirational mix of ideas and influences.