C & H Summer Holiday Giveaway 18/07/2017
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Our Guide to Keeping Kids Entertained During the Summer School Holiday

Please note this competition is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Irene Broughton! School Summer holidays begin around next week (a bit earlier if you’re in Scotland) –  that annual event that parents tend to anticipate with a mixture of excitement and dread. With more mums and dads working full-time than ever before, any family activity becomes an important opportunity to create precious childhood memories. Limited time and money, combined with the good old British summer weather can result in the words any parent dreads: “Mum! I’m booooooooored!!”. Read below... Read More


Needle Felting – A Beginner’s Introduction.

I’d like to introduce you to needle felting, one of my all-time favourite hobbies. There are several different types, personally I enjoy making little 3D animals, which I will mostly focus this post on (there is some overlap in technique with 2D felting too, although I haven’t had a chance to try that out yet). I discovered needle felting 3 years ago from a kit I received at Christmas. I’d never seen anything like it before, so I was sceptical at first (can this fluff really turn into a penguin!?!)... Read More


Welcome to Our New Website!

We are very excited and proud to present our new and improved Closs & Hamblin website and wanted to take you through some of the new features. First up, we have our beautiful new homepage… 1 – The scrolling banner will show all the latest news and offers available so you will won’t miss out! 2 – Our core lines are Home and Haberdashery and we want you to be able to browse easily in both, so simply click on either one and you will see everything we have to offer. 3... Read More


Curtain Heading Tapes Explained

There are many different types of heading tapes that you can use when making curtains. Each one creates a different style of curtain from traditional to contemporary. Some are also more suited to certain types of fabrics than others. It can get quite confusing when faced with lots of different options so here is a quick guide to help… Rufflette is the most common brand of tape used and they have an extensive range covering many different heading options. C & H stock a few of the most popular types as well... Read More


Hanging & Dressing Curtains

At C & H we emphasise the importance of hanging and dressing curtains properly, to ensure that the best finish is achieved. However many people are unsure of what it is we mean by ‘hang and dress’. Here I will explain the benefits of finishing curtains off properly, for example adding weights, and how to make them look their best! You may find by just hanging your curtains up straight from their packaging, that they don’t look straight and, when open, cover part of the window which will block light from entering the room. When closed... Read More


Curtain Linings Explained

There are a variety of different curtain linings available so it is important to choose the one that is best suited to your needs! Here we have a crash course in which one is best for you… The most common lining material is our Sundown Sateen lining which is 100% cotton and is available in three colours; pearl (cream), white or stone. It has a slight sheen to it, which will give your curtains a professional finish. It also has sun resistant qualities which will help sustain the quality of... Read More


Understanding Pattern Envelopes

Sewing patterns have loads of information on them but do you know what it all means? It’s all there to help you – from choosing suitable fabric and quantity needed, what else you will need and most important of all, how to make the garment to fit your measurements. So let’s start by looking at the the envelope front…. 1.Pattern Number – There are many suppliers of sewing patterns – Simplicity, Vogue, McCalls, Burda, etc. Regardless of the supplier they all number their patterns. 2.Usually, there is a photo of a design... Read More


Choosing The Right Sewing Machine

The right sewing machine will be your lifelong friend. I’ve been sewing all my life and don’t remember a time when a sewing machine wasn’t around. My auntie was a tailor and as a youngster I would sit and watch her – if I was good I’d be allowed to do little bits. I can’t imagine life without my machine. What would I recommend – well, first work out what you want to use it for. Are you new to sewing, have you had one before and want to upgrade... Read More