Colour Blocking, The Interior Design Trend of 2020?

Whether you’ve seen it or not, there is absolutely no denying that in recent years people have once again been aiming for ‘out there’. Fashion is cyclic, and so is interior design.

Fresh from the new year’s celebrations, it’s time for our first major trend of 2020. With no signs of slowing down, Colour Blocking seems likely to be the huge interior trend of this year! Enormous on Instagram, this doesn’t require a qualification in design or in-depth knowledge, simply pick two bright and bold colours that clash and make them work, in any way you want! Whether you’re furnishing, painting or decorating, this is a fantastic minimalist way to give any room the wow factor, in real-life or on Instagram.

This minimalist display of colour blocking comes from @thecindygram, and shows just how beautiful the simplicity of (or lack of) vivid colour can be.

Making the most of an all-white room, this revamped kitchen diner is truly dreamy and really makes the most of some abstract splashes of bold blue colour.

With the painted blue wall and cabinets the main feature, a few small additions are all that are needed to complete this room. A stylish sofa, side table and hanging lamp fit perfectly.

Our first example of Colour Blocking comes from @mindy_schroor, and has been reposted onto our very own Closs and Hamblin Interiors Instagram account.

Pairing a regal royal navy blue with Pantone’s colour of 2019, living coral, this is an incredibly simple yet effective feature wall design that would look great in any home.

Though this look is aided by the use of a number of prints, patterns and house plants, the striking aesthetic is held together by the key bold colours.

Alongside these luxurious, stand-out colours, the finished look of this room is heavily complemented with the use of some beautiful soft furnishings.

How’s this for an ultra-stylish bathroom? From @utkang, this simply designed shower and bathroom space is a fantastic example of how two completely different colours can be a match made in heaven. To give this space the ultimate charm, chalky candyfloss pink tiles have been paired with a marvelous mint green paint, and accessorised with some amazing chrome furnishings.

If you are feeling inspired to get involved with colour blocking, you could go the whole way and repaint an entire room of your home – especially if you’ve been in dire need of an excuse to clear the room out and start again. If you aren’t so keen to make a major change, colour blocking is a punk trend, the only rule is that you have to do it your way! You could start with some brightly coloured cushions on a dark sofa, or why not some bold curtains against a grey wall?

Need some help getting the perfect block colour curtains or blinds into your home? Visit Closs & Hamblin Interiors to find out more about our bespoke window dressing service.

If you decide to have a go on a small scale, we have some absolutely beautiful fabrics available that would fit the bill perfectly. From Harlequin’s Perla Blush to Sanderson’s Boho Raspberry, you could even make a feature out of something extraordinarily patterned like Morris & Co’s Slate Brer Rabbit!

Whatever you do, we hope that we’ve given you some inspiration to get started. If you’re looking for ideas or want to talk to someone about our products and how they could be used in your home, why not pop in-store or email us.

Giving it a go? We would love for you to share your results with us!

Colour Blocking, The Interior Design Trend of 2020?
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Colour Blocking, The Interior Design Trend of 2020?
Whether you've seen it or not, there is absolutely no denying that in recent years people have once again been aiming for 'out there'. Fashion is cyclic, and so is interior design. Enormous on Instagram, we think that Colour Blocking will be the go-to interior design trend of 2020.
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