How To Make A Ballet Slipper Bag


For the last two years my daughter has been carrying her ballet shoes around in the plastic drawstring bag they came in – it’s starting to look very battered so I decided they need a prettier mode of transport!

This is a really quick and easy method for sewing a sweet fabric drawstring bag and the beauty of it is, it can be used for carrying anything small and light (think sunglasses, hairbrush, etc.)! Made on a smaller scale, they are perfect for party bags or carrying rings or bracelets.

You don’t need a lot of equipment or materials to make it and you may already have all of this in your sewing box:

1 piece of cotton fabric, 37cm x 44cm (this includes seam allowances)

Matching thread

Ribbon – no more than 12mm wide and at least 40cm long


Sewing machine


Safety pin

Now you are good to go – don’t forget to backstitch at the beginning and end of all stitching!

Take your fabric and fold the long sides in 1cm. Press in place.


Sew the sides down 5mm from the folded edge and press again.

Fold one of the short sides down 3.5cm and press in place.


Fold again, starting the fold 5mm above the raw edge.


Sew the fold down 5mm from the top.

Pin Bottom&Side

Fold the fabric in half, right sides together. Pin down the side and along the bottom, making sure to match seams. Stop when you get to the folded pocket at the top – you don’t need to pin this bit.


Sew up the bottom and sides using a 1cm seam allowance. When you get 1cm from the corner, stop stitching leaving your needle in the fabric, lift the presser foot, turn the fabric, lower the presser foot and continue stitching – stop at the folded pocket. Make sure to back stitch at the beginning and end!


Trim the excess from the bottom corners – make sure you don’t cut through your seam! Press the seams open.

Turn the bag right side out and use the top of a pencil or knitting needle to make the corners neat and sharp.


Take your length of ribbon and attach a safety pin to one end. Starting at the safety pin end, thread the ribbon through the pocket at the top (using the side closest to the inside of the bag).

Once the ribbon is through the other side, remove the safety pin and knot the ends together.

All done!

Written by

Sarah, Web Assistant 



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