How To Make Envelope Cushion Covers


If you are looking for a quick way to freshen your home decor, why not try making these easy cushion covers? There is a wealth of fabric out there and they are so simple to create! I have been sewing for a few years now and still haven’t got my head around inserting a zip so these covers are perfect! You just need the following (these measurements will make covers to fit a 45cm square pad).

1 x square of fabric for cushion front, 45 x 45cm

2 x pieces of backing fabric 34cm x 45cm


Sewing Machine





Taking one of your back pieces, fold and press in 5mm along one of the long edges using your iron.


Now fold the same edge in by 5mm again to make a double hem and press.


Stitch this hem close to the top and repeat for the second back piece.


Place the front of your cushion cover right side up. Now place each of the back pieces on top, right sides down with the hems in the centre. Pin around all sides.


Stitch together using a 5mm seam allowance. Start in the middle of a side and when you get 5mm from the corner, stop stitching, lift the presser foot, turn the fabric to the next side, lower the presser foot and continue stitching. When you get back to the start, make sure to reverse stitch!


Turn your cushion cover right side out and use the blunt end of a knitting needle or top of a pencil to push the corners out.


Now just insert your cushion cover and you’re done!

These are one of my favourite things to make and usually take me about 30 minutes. They also make great gifts – I recently used some bunny craft fabric to make a couple of Easter cushions for my great-nieces (too young for chocolate)!

We offer cushion pads up to 76cm so why not try making a floor cushion? The sky really is the limit with these and they are a lovely hand made addition to any home!

Happy Sewing!

Written by

Sarah – Website Assistant and Sewing Novice!


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